Parasite Movie Review:A true tale about the depiction of class and society

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Parasite Movie Review:A true tale about the depiction of class and society

Parasite Movie Review:A true tale about the depiction of class and society

Oscar Awarded movie parasite has been release on indian digital platform i.e Amazon prime video,so here is quick review of Bong joon-ho directed movie 'Parasite' . Firstly we will talk about the story of the film. Its an simply a thriller,tragicomedy about class and society of people ,means about rich and poor people.If i would say this film only states  this difference between class of society,  then i am definitely  wrong. So begin with the story its about kim played by kang-ho-song family they struggle for everyday basic  need . the kim son kevin played by ki-woo is bright student but has no day his kevin's friend came home offer kevin job of an tutor at a rich family's house . But he has no qualification so her  sister jessica played by park-so-dam makes an fake qualification certificate as she was also very smart kid in arts.

Then kevin got his job ,slowly slowly he pull all his family into  the house by making fool to the owners .they replace the old car driver by kim, owner son's art teacher by jessica and housemaid by choong-sook their mother.without giving any doubts to their they owner they play, reharsed the whole act and get into the house.In beginning film it may seems tp be simple and very slow but slowly it will caught your interest.back to the story one day when owner of the house was out for camping and kim and his family left alone in whole big house they were celebrating as they own  the house, chilling in others space . then a door bell rang  they opened  then, it came out to be the old maid wanting to get into the house as she enters in house saying that she has left some stuff in the kitchen basement then film really turns upside down because they got to find a secret bank bunker in the kitchen and it that bunker old maid husband for forever period of time.

Everything just from that point in movie changes because it was not included in their plan .At this point in the movie you will be thrilled because a lot will happen which show some dark side of society and people who pretend to someone else.this films says alot in every scene of movie, as it moves forward the unsung pain and difference of class and privilege clearly visible in every scene which will make you think deeper.How heavy rain can be beautiful for rich and on the other how painful and devasting for poor ones. Films's climax are for you reader because if you are wanting to spend this quarantine time into some good movie So i will recommend  you to watch this movie i bet you all would like Parasite.

Starcast of movie and their acting
The whole stars cast of movie has done a fabulous job, scene are so realistic . Their acting truly desever an oscar.

Direction and story of film

Its an masterpiece by director Bong-Joon-Ho ,because this movie is very simple yet very deep and dark. story is narrated like a poetry very simply and beautifully.

Rating- 4/5 stars