The effect of coronavirus is now on the stock market as well. Stock Market Crash | Corona virus in india

On the first trading day of the week, there is a huge decline in the domestic stock market. After China, now due to the news of fatal corona virus failure in Korea, the impact of the fall in the markets worldwide is visible on the Sensex and Nifty.

On the first trading day of the week, the domestic stock market is witnessing a steep decline (Stock Market Crash). After China, now the fall in the world markets due to the news of China Corona Virus failure in Korea is showing the effect on Sensex Live and Nifty Live. The BSE's 30-share benchmark index, the Sensex (Benchmark index sensex), has dropped 425 points to 40,720. At the same time, NSE Nifty, the 50-share benchmark index of the NSE, is down by more than 130 points. The Nifty has slipped below 12000. In this fall, investors have lost Rs 1.72 lakh crore in a few hours. Experts say that business activity has slowed down a lot due to China's corona virus. That is why economists have reduced the estimate of global growth. Vivek Mittal, head of research at VM Portfolios, said that the main reason for the decline in the stock market is the deadly Corona Virus. He told that after China, there are reports of Asian economy spreading to South Korea. In such a situation, the worry of reduced business activity has put pressure on the market.